Commercial, Industrial, & Residential Rentals

When the safety and health of your employees and tenants are your top priority...

Guarantee high indoor air quality to your employees, vendors, and tenants, as well as maintaining uncontaminated products in warehousing and shipping with our commercial mold testing services in Radford & Dublin, VA and surrounding areas.

Detekt Air Quality Assurance uses InstaScope, the latest most advanced "mobile" technology, developed by the Department of Defense. This is in comparison to the current mold testing strategies, which have been in place since the 1960's, and are one dimensional. Stack effect, HVAC dynamics, and other building pressurization dynamics can push bioaerosols (such as mold spores and other particulate matter) past the field of view of traditional sampling. Our samples are real-time and mobile and that means a more accurate and representative mold and air quality sample every time. The ability to move through the space dynamically means you can sample all breathing zones and areas of the room.

Whether you or your company own or manage business or medical centers, retail, warehouse or industrial sites, or residential tenant rental, we at Detekt AQ can help.​ Our full line of indoor air quality tests are available:

  • airborne mold spore / black mold testing
  • airborne pollens and bacteria
  • fine (2.5 micron) and coarse (10 micron) particulate levels
  • TVOC & formaldehyde off gassing
  • carbon monoxide
  • viral bio-load (including the SARS family containing COVID 19)