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​We offer the only technology that can assess bio-particle loading (virus, bacteria, mold and pollen) in real-time for commercial spaces, schools, medical facilities, churches and housing

Test Your Home For Dangerous Viruses

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Airborne viruses can spread quickly inside poorly ventilated buildings. Detekt Air Quality Assurance can provide virus testing services to identify potentially harmful viruses in your home or workplace. We can carefully monitor your property to watch for any small signs of a potential outbreak.

We're able to identify and eliminate COVID-19, the flu virus, RSV and more. Our indoor air testing and air purification services are great for:

  • Commercial locations
  • Schools
  • Medical facilities
  • Churches
  • Apartment complexes
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Breathe easy thanks to our air purification services

It's too easy for viruses to spread in enclosed spaces. With our air purification services, you can rest assured you're breathing fresh, clean air. By monitoring your location with air testing devices, we can determine which placement of the air purifiers is most effective from week to week.

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Every building is different. People come and go. Factors, like pressurization, HVAC efficiency, etc., constantly change the air quality and exposure risk to viruses like COVID-19. So, how do you know if your HEPA, HVAC, and cleaning procedures are working?

The latest CDC and university studies emphasize that the danger from airborne virus infection is inherently greater than the risk from surface contamination. This means that the importance of monitoring the Indoor Air Quality of your facility is now greater than ever!

Detekt AQ is proud to announce that, in partnership with InstaScope by Detection Tek, we now provide the technology and services to test for airborne viral bio load (including the SARS family of viruses that COVID 19 is a derivative of).

Whether your COVID-19 concern is a residence, school system, industrial site, or an office space, with our instant , on site results we can pinpoint viral cluster spikes and, based on your protocols make recommendations that insure your mitigation strategies are as effective as possible and your client's exposure risks are as low as possible.

Our employee's and customer's safety and well being is our top priority. We practice social distancing while on a job, and utilize all recommended PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) while on site, and disinfect all equipment and PPE between jobs to avoid bringing in or carrying out any viruses, bacteria, or mold spores.