Realtors in need of instant mold testing?

Test the entire property for the cost of one or two rooms using traditional mold testing methods.

​Whether representing the property buyer or seller, mold can be a sticking point when it comes time to sign on the dotted line. You want to make the sale happen quickly, but in a professional, and conscientious manner. Traditional "cassette" testing methods can be cost prohibitive when looking at an entire property, or you are unsure where mold is located. With Detekt Air Quality Assurance (DetektAQ), a seller can have instant mold testing results for every room of the house at an economical price.

If uncertainty is causing your home buyer or seller to have second thoughts then give them instant certified test results to put them at ease, or get the remediation process underway soonest. With Detekt AQ there won't be any questions concerning lab results, or complicated test reports. This lets your client focus on specific areas of the house that my need remediation, and not waste time or resources on those that do not.

Instant, Easy to Read Whole House Testing