Detekt Air Quality Assurance Provides Unbiased Indoor Air Quality Testing

​ We are an unbiased third party mold testing provider, with no conflict of interests.

Test your entire home for the cost of two or three rooms of traditional mold testing. Our testing is comprehensive and multi-faceted, sampling not only for mold spore, but also bacteria, pollen, and inorganic fine & coarse particulate matter. Worried about TVOC's and formaldehyde? Let us take care of that too!

​​Traditional air and mold sampling is too expensive and time consuming for homeowners to test more than a few rooms at a time. Detekt AQ lets you to sample every room in a property and get the whole picture. We sample under different environmental conditions, conduct near-source investigations, use agitation / resuspension techniques, instantly re-test, and make sure you know if there is a problem found before we leave-no waiting or worrying. That's peace of mind.

Simple easy to read reports provided on site and available online

Our clear concise easy to read reports are provided to you on-site at the end of our mold testing. Our technician will discuss, in detail the report findings so you know exactly the status of your home and provide recommendations for the way forward. Simple Green, Yellow and Red ratings, by room and as a composite of the entire property, allows you to understand where you, and your family may be at risk.

Expected under normal conditions
Moderately higher or different than expected under normal conditions
Significantly higher or different than expected under normal conditions

Primary Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

Why is it relevant? Because we are so mobile we ensure a thorough comprehensive mold inspection and evaluation of your entire property. Examples of areas and types of concerns can be seen below.