What Our Customers Think

DetektAQ has had the opportunity to work with a wide array of clients around the South West Virginia area. We are proud to offer the air quality services you need. Here is what our past clients have to say.

I am truly impressed with DetektAQ. The turn around on results of the air quality test were amazing. Other companies took up to a week. This was a great comfort, especially for my wife whose immune system was compromised because of a mold issue in our house. Hunter was not only professional and courteous, he was compassionate and understanding. He took the time to go over the results step by step, explaining everything in detail and answers all of our questions. I will continue use DetektAQ on a regular basis. Definitely a 5 star company.

John S

My wife and I couldn't be more impressed with Hunter and Detekt AQ. The process was quick and the results / feedback were in real time. Hunter was able to pinpoint the problematic areas, which was critical in getting our arms around the issue and what needed to be done to mitigate the problem. In fact, as soon as the results were complete at our house, I asked Hunter to run the test at our lake house. Highly recommend the service!

Mike J. 11/6/19

Our daughter-in-law was recently diagnosed with several issues related to air quality and specific molds. We decided to have our home checked-out to be sure it was a safe environment for her to visit and participate in family gatherings. Hunter was amazing! He was very responsive to our needs and did a thorough check in every room and closet. He offered easy solutions to some of the rooms that showed moderate issues and referred us to people who could assist with others. We were very pleased with his professionalism and the comprehensive report he sent. I would highly recommend testing your living space Detekt AQ.

Ruth and Bob C. 2/12/20